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Samsung 30Q 18650 3000mAh 15A Battery - Button Top

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Please note this is an original flat top Samsung 30Q 18650 cell with an added button top by a third party manufacturer and and is longer than a standard flat top 18650 battery. This cell has an additional outer wrapper and insulator which must not to be removed.

The Samung 30Q 18650 battery is BIS certified for India.

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Manufacturer:     Samsung SDI
Model:     INR18650-30Q (30Q)
Size:     18650
Style:     Button/Nipple Top
Protected:     NO, UNPROTECTED. This cell is unprotected and intended for use in protected battery packs only and NOT individually or as a standalone product. In order to operate safely it must have additional protection in the form of a PCB (protection circuit board) or BMS (battery management system), which is not included.
Nominal Capacity:     3000mAh
Discharge Current:     15A Maximum Continuous
Nominal Voltage:     3.6V
Maximum Voltage:     4.2V
Cutoff Voltage:     2.5V
Approximate Dimensions:     18.34mm x 66.5mm
Approximate Weight:    46.7g
Origin:     Republic of Korea, Malaysia, or China
Specification Datasheet:     Samsung 30Q Datasheet

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